New Sections on the Creed and Family Theology Pages

May the Grace and Peace of Jesus be with all of our visitors!

For your perusal, a new section has been added to the bottom of the Creed page, entitled

The First Step to the “Complete Unity” (John 17:23) Jesus Desires for His Church Is in Fundamentally Orthodox Christians (Eastern & Western Catholic; Eastern Orthodox; Western Conservative/Evangelical Protestant; ‘Messianic Jews’) Seeking and Mastering Unity in Visible Love for Each Other on the Basis of Their Vast Common Faith Even While the Formal Divisions over Unresolved Lesser Issues Remain

Also, the Family Theology page, which already features “A Brief Introduction to Revolutionizing Your Bible Reading Through Family Theology,” has a new section entitled

Family Theology as a Complement to (And an Orthodox Foundation For) Other Theological Approaches to Understanding the Bible 

This section includes interesting subsections entitled

Theology Is Not Faith, but Faith Seeking Understanding


Family Theology as Not Only an Extremely Rich and Beautiful Framework but Also as Potentially a Common Overview Framework for Biblical Studies, as a Further Basis for Renewed Christian Unity

I hope and pray you are blessed in both your Bible reading and your working towards Christian unity for the love of Jesus by these new sections.

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