Introducing the Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth

To all visitors to the Christian Unity in Diversity Central website,

May the Grace and Peace of Jesus be with all of you!

I am pleased to announce that as of May 28, in the Year of Our Lord 2010, Donum Veritatis – The Gift of Truth Ministries has been restructured as the parent Ministry of The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth, which is now its primary ministry.   The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth is a Christian educational institution for research and instruction which, in cooperation with Château Baptiste Publications (which at present is the publisher of all of the Institute’s online educational materials), now runs the Christian Unity in Diversity Central website.  The website has since been updated in ways which will help the new Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth in the process of gaining official recognition as a “charitable organization” (capable of issuing tax receipts for donations) under the laws of Canada – as both an educational institution and a religious organization.  This Ministry and Institute recognize that the prayers of the Body of Christ the Church are vitally important for the success of any Christian ministry or educational institution, and we ask all our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, whose prayers are powerful because of who we are in Christ, to consider using your power of prayer in support of this step of new growth in this ministry of Christian education, spiritual growth in love for the Holy Trinity of Love, and unity of the Body in Christ our Head “so that the world may believe.”   To utilize your power of prayer on behalf of this Ministry and new Institute, please click on the following links:

On the Power of Prayer / Suggested Prayers for Prayer Partners   

Becoming a “Partner” in Building God’s Family and Kingdom with “The Gift of Truth”

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