Ministry Update

Lots of exciting developments to report:

  1. Christian Unity in Diversity’s “parent ministry,” Donum  Veritatis – The Gift of Truth Ministries, founded 2007, and for which by God’s Grace I as its Founder was invited 3 times to the Springtime of Faith Rome Summits, now has an Official Webpage, and a Facebook page, listing and describing the various kinds of Christian educational and inspirational work I have been doing (and continue to do) through Donum Veritatis  the last 10 years since I graduated with Honors from the Masters Theology Program at Franciscan University of Steubenville (various part-time ministries while working as a teacher; a doctoral student; a professor of theology; and now as Founder and Director of Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!).
  2. Because of several “joint” projects which developed between the various Donum Veritatis ministries and initiatives under my direction, and the Life, Truth, and Unity ministries and initiatives under the direction of my dear Bride and mother of my six children, Lorelle Baptiste, we together co-founded Baptiste Family Ministries in May 2015 as an “umbrella” organization for our combined family Christian ministry work (since neither of us can stop loving and serving God and neither of us want to try.  And our 6 wonderful kids join in to help!).  The primary “joint project” of the Baptiste Family Ministries is the “Pro-Life 2.0” approach that was first published (in part) on Donum Veritatis’ websites including this one and The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth Baptiste Family Ministries now has an Official Webpage on Lorelle Baptiste’s Children of God for Life CANADA website (link to it here) and a Facebook Page, listing and describing the various Baptiste Family Ministries.
  3. Growing out of The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth’s “New Catacombs” course Human Rights and Freedoms:  Christianity’s Great Gifts to Western Civilization (based on my treatise The Education Necessary to Preserver Democracy Now Under Attack), in July 2016 I founded Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! to protect human life, religious freedom, and democracy itself from the many accelerating attack.  Much more on this in the next post!
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