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These are excerpts from a much longer work; for much more detail on the “Family Theology” which helps Christians to “get the most out of reading their Bible” and which helps them to see the path to restoring the 1st Millennium Christian Church’s loving unity in diversity which was lost in the 2nd Millennium, see the full version of The Bible’s ‘Big Picture.’  For much more detail which does more to “prove” from the Scriptures, Christian history, and reason certain things simply asserted here, see my book Love Unbounded:  Tracing Salvation History from the Eternal Trinity to the New Covenant Church – Using Family Theology to Answer the Question “How and Why Does Jesus’ Death Save Us?”  For a much more thorough treatment of the topics of Ecumenism and Church Unity, including practical steps for talking about our differences as Christians while maintaining our brotherly Christian affection for each other on the basis of our common Bible and vast common faith “so that the world may believe” (John 17:21,23), see my 3-volume book  

So That The World May Believe:  A Call to Christian Unity

 Teaching Christians How to Restore the Lost Unity in Diversity of the Undivided Early Church Through Lovingly Seeking to Truly Understand Each Other’s Differences While Celebrating Our Vast Common Saving Christian Faith “So That the World May Believe”

So That The World May Believe is divided into the following 3 volumes:

Volume I Introduction (For Understanding Our Great Common Faith):

Rediscovering the Early Church’s Unity in Diversity 

Today’s Divided Christians Who Share the Traditional Fundamental Beliefs of Orthodox Christianity Are Already Much Closer to the Undivided First Millennium Church’s Unity in Diversity than We Usually Realize  –  We Already Enrich Each Other with  Our Many Different Areas of Strength in Preserving, Living and Proclaiming Christianity as Did the Undivided Early Church’s United but Different yet Mutually Enriching ‘Sister Churches’

Volume II (For Understanding Our Differences Concerning Mary):

Who is Mary in the Church? 

Understanding Highly Developed Catholic Mariology and the Mediatrix of All Graces Doctrine:

Linking Christ the Head to His Body the Church Through Mary, First Believer in Jesus and First Member of the Body, in Ways Which Protect the Traditional Christian Fundamental Truths about Her Fully Divine Yet Fully Human Son Jesus from Heresies Ancient and Modern

Volume III (For Understanding Our Differences Concerning the Papacy):

The Papacy and Christian Unity in Diversity 

The Pope Was the Historic Guarantor of Christian Unity and Orthodoxy in the First Christian Millennium of the Undivided Early Church:  The Ancient Eastern Orthodox Tradition from the Beginning Recognized the Papacy and Was Through it Part of the Undivided Early Church’s Universal (Catholic) Communion of Different Orthodox Eastern and Western Christian Sister Churches Collectively Known as the Catholic Church, Celebrating Christianity Differently while Unified in Orthodox Christian Faith Against Many Early Christian Heretics

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For excellent Books on the Trinitarian Theology and Covenant Theology which I have combined (with Early Church History) to form Family Theology,  see First Comes Love: Finding Your Family in the Church and the Trinity; and A Father Who Keeps His Promises: Understanding God’s  Covenant Love in the Old Testament, both my my professor Dr. Scott Hahn. 

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