GOOD NEWS for Non-Christians – YOU were MADE to be Drenched in LOVE!

An Invitation to fulfill your destiny in God’s Family and Kingdom of Love


This website is mostly about Christian education, for those who are Christians already to get deeper into their life-empowering faith personally and to help build God’s Family and Kingdom of Love with greater efficiency.  This new page will be aimed at those non-Christians who may come to this website, to encourage them to become Christians in order to have their lives transformed with THE GIFT OF TRUTH.

In the meantime, a common Christian understanding of this wonderful and life-transforming Gift of Salvation can be found at The Gift of Salvation (Evangelicals and Catholics Together Accord 2).

For a more broad common description of The Gift of Truth which sets us free see The Common Creed of Christianity, which desribes the approximately 90% common Christian faith in what God has revealed held by Eastern and Western Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and (Western) conservative and Evangelical Protestant Christians (and Messianic Jews and Hebrew Catholics).


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