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Becoming a “Partner” in Building God’s Family and Kingdom with “The Gift of Truth”

The book excerpts, articles, essays and other materials on this website are copyrighted intellectual property of a qualified theologian made available free for ministry purposes according to the Mission Statement and its expressed desire To Help Equip Christians to Build God’s Family and Kingdom through educating Christians about the wonders of the Gift of Truth God has entrusted to the Body of Christ the Church –  the Gift of Truth which, embraced, brings the life-changing Love, power, peace and joy of Jesus to us Christians and through us to the world.

Introduction To the Power of the Prayers of the Body of Christ the Church

What Does Your “Belief and Baptism” (Mark 16:16) Give YOU the Power to DO?

A Suggestion of How to “Do Something Beautiful for God”: Supporting this Ministry and Institute Through Prayer

A main purpose of this Ministry and Institute listed in the Mission Statement is to educate Christians about their supreme dignity as God’s adopted children and as part of the Body of Christ Himself, which gives their prayers real power to affect the world (James 5:16 “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” [KJV], “the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” [NIV]).  This Ministry provides not only education about this great power which Christians have through their “belief and baptism” (Mark 16:16) but also opportunity to practice their use of this power of prayer.

This Ministry more than anything else needs the prayers of members of the Body of Christ, since God has chosen to operate through the prayers of His People, the Body of His Son.  I hope readers will consider committing to regularly pray for the success and growth of this ministry of Christian education, spiritual growth in love for the Holy Trinity of Love, and unity of the Body in Christ our Head “so that the world may believe.”

I believe what has been presented in this Christian education ministry  concerning “the Gift of Truth” is very exciting and will bring about many exciting opportunities for Christians to get a lot more out of reading their Bibles; for Christians to better know and fall deeper in love with God the Holy Trinity of Love; for currently divided Christians to act more lovingly towards each other as one Body of Christ “so that the world may believe” as Jesus prayed; and for Christians to more effectively engage the secularized culture (especially concerning science and faith) and transform it with the Love and Truth of Jesus Christ our Lord and God.  If you are inclined to agree, please put the power God has given you as a member of the Body of Christ the Church to work with your active prayer support of this Ministry and educational Institute.  This Ministry and Institute are meant to function not independently of the Body but as functions of the Body of Christ  which works and prays together, many members of Jesus’ Body like YOU, towards the building up of Jesus’ Kingdom.

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Prayerfully Consider Donation Support for the Practical Needs of the Growth of this Gift of Truth and Rebuilding Christian Unity Ministry

As with PBS TV which offers popular programming for free but runs on donations, please consider what this material provided by the Institute through effort and cost but given for free is worth to you, and consider how important it is to you to help ensure this ministry remains active and growing.  Pray about just what part God may want you to have in this ministry which concerns the calling of every Christian to be “salt & light” in the world, unified in love with other Christians “so that the world may believe.”  The works listed in the Catalog are in various stages of completion ranging from essentially complete books through substantial drafts of works-in-progress to rough works still in the primary research stage (which are included in the Catalog to whet people’s appetite for the future of The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth).

Many titles ready to be converted to Internet Editions and Excerpts are not yet published to this site, and long-term goals of the Institute such as the world-wide Forum for building unity and travelling inspirational teaching seminars (on Revolutionizing your Bible Reading, Early Church Unity in Diversity, the Judeo-Christian roots of Science and other topics), can not yet be initiated.

Christians can hasten the free Internet publication of the as-yet-unavailable resources listed in the Catalog, and can support the overall growth of this ministry, through their ongoing prayer support for this ministry and/or through their prayerful donation support (either by a one-time donation or by a small donation on a monthly basis that collectively helps keep the Institute and the website progressing – see Becoming a “Partner” in Building God’s Family and Kingdom with “The Gift of Truth”).


If you believe God may be leading you to participate in this ministry through donating but have questions, or if you would like to become a Prayer Partner with “The Gift of Truth,” or  if you would like to join in this mission in other ways, or if you have other reasons to contact us, please e-mail us at thegiftoftruth@ymail.comPlease send donations to:

Peter William John Baptiste, SFO

c/o The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth

44 Meadowlands Drive West

Ottawa, Ontario

K2G 2R4


The Baptiste Family

The Baptiste Family


Founder’s Thoughts on the Different Members of the Body of Christ Working Together to Build His Kingdom with What God Has Given Each of Them 

I am but a simple servant.  But whom I serve is Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.  This makes me (with all Christians) a royal ambassador of the Kingdom of God, which on Earth is called the Church (the only place on Earth where Jesus reigns as King; the Kingdom and the Church are simply the Heavenly and the Earthly perspectives on the same “profound mystery” (Ephesians 5:32) of the Body of Christ).  Local churches are like embassies or consulates of the Kingdom of God on Earth.  The services the Servants of God (Christians) perform for their King are many and varied, and none should be devalued – together all Christians form one Body of Jesus Christ, the Church, we are all subjects of one Kingdom, whichever functions within the Body or whichever services to the King we perform for Jesus Christ the Head of the Body and the King of the Kingdom.  My service is primarily that of a theologian and teacher, that is, one who academically explores what God has revealed which Christians must accept in faith and explains or teaches that Divinely Revealed faith, drawing out its practical applications in daily Christian living as members of the Body of ChristOther Christians have many other talents and gifts from God by which they serve God, including gifts for serving the human community descended from Adam in secular professions by which they make life better in human society and by which they may be able to make substantial income (whereas my profession as a theologian and Christian minister is not known to be lucrative).

As a Member of the Body of Christ in Which God Has Given Different and Complementary Means and Abilities to Each of the Body’s Different Members, I Am Not Meant to Be a Christian Minister Alone, but Meant to Use the Gifts He Has Given Me in Concert with the Prayer and Support of Other Members of the Body with Different Means and Gifts and Skills than I Have

So, although I have for years felt a calling, a “burning in the bones,” to found this ministry of Christian education, spiritual growth and unity, this ministry is not “about” me, but, as all Christian ministries, it is meant to be an action of the Body of Christ the Church, which includes myself and many others who are members of the Body of Jesus, members who are meant to operate in concert, praying for the same things and contributing what God has given them towards the same goals.  Thus the different members of the Body with their different gifts from God work together to see to it that God’s will is done on Earth, and that His Kingdom comes on Earth.  So I ask the readers of this Institute’s website, as members of the Body of Christ who thus share in the mission of Christ Jesus to the world, to prayerfully consider supporting other members of the Body of Christ in this particular Ministry and Institute, especially through your prayers and possibly also through your financial support as God directs you, or even through your joining our “team,” contributing your particular skills and experience to this mission, knowing that in doing so you are supporting a ministry work of a nature that every Christian who has read John 17:20-23 knows that Jesus desires be accomplished on the Earth “so that the world may believe.”

© 2009 Peter William John Baptiste, SFO

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