The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth provides instruction and training in the Gift of Truth topics on this website (and other topics) through talks, workshops, seminars, and courses.

The Institute’s Founder, Peter William John Baptiste SFO, has a great deal of public speaking experience in schools and churches and has been an “inspirational guest speaker” at various Christian retreats.  He loves to give talks or seminars about the inspirational subjects of his scholarly research and prayerful reflection, many of which are contained in the Catalog on this website.

If you would be interested in having Peter William John Baptiste SFO give a talk about any of the subjects on this website at your church, group or organization, or if you would like him to be a speaker at your conference,  e-mail  He will not be available in November 2012 as he has been again invited to be one of the participants in the Springtime of Faith Foundation Summit in Rome, an annual Ecumenical Summit of Protestant and Catholic Christians, including Vatican officials in demonstration of the Catholic Church’s commitment to work with non-Catholic Christians in the work of Ecumenism “so that the world may believe.”

In addition to the above e-mail, contact can also be made by calling 613-761-0147 (Ottawa, Canada)

Peter William John Baptiste, SFO

The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth

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