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Donum Veritatis – The Gift of Truth Ministries and The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth, in cooperation with Château Baptiste Publications, provides Christian Resource Material On:

Introduction to the Catalog

Educational and Inspirational Materials including books, essays, articles, tracts and scripts of talks by Founder and Principal Author Peter William John Baptiste, SFO

Copy Policy

These essays and book excerpts and so on are copyrighted intellectual property made available for ministry purposes according to the Institute’s  Mission Statement and its expressed desire To Help Equip Christians to Build God’s Family and Kingdom.  All are free to view, print or pass on unaltered, citing the source of the print-outs or any quotations (Peter William John Baptiste SFO or the Christian Unity in Diversity Central Website at, or The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth at, so they can be looked up in context.

These materials generally contain the results of years of scholarly research and prayerful reflection on the various topics, generally aimed somewhere between a popular and a scholarly audience.  I have endeavored to make these materials accessible to anyone who has a heart to learn how to be a more loving witness to the Holy Trinity of Love and a more effective member of the Body of Christ on Earth reaching out to the world with the message of Jesus by how they live their lives (as Saint Francis said, “Preach the Gospel all the time.  If necessary use words.”).  Certainly anyone who is interested in the topics will find a wealth of information that may be rich and deep (as the Mystery of the Holy Trinity is rich and deep), but which I trust is not too technical for most, since I tend to avoid the use of technical theological terms, or I explain them if I do, and I repeat key ideas in different ways and approaches (this is my writing habit as an educator, which serves the Institute’s purpose of providing Christian Education).

The works listed in this Catalog are in various stages of completion ranging from essentially complete drafts of books through substantial works-in-progress to rough works still in the primary research stage (which I include in the Catalog to whet people’s appetite for the future of The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth).

As the Institute grows I will here publish Internet Editions of excerpts of the works which are more or less complete (if a bit unpolished in places).  Excerpts from The Bible’s ‘Big Picture’, the 3-Volume So That The World May Believe, The Spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the First Millennium of the Undivided Early Church and some other works are already published on the over 100 webpages currently on this site.  Some of the works-in-progress I may also publish excerpts of early (but revise as a later Internet Edition 2.0) if after reviewing them I find they are already very readable with a good flow of ideas, and if they already share a wealth of information which the reader interested in the topic will appreciate or find fascinating or (I hope) find stimulates them to greater Christian love and action “so that the world may believe.”  The works listed which I have started a body of research and writing towards but are not yet near a substantial draft will not be published on this site until they are more-or-less complete.  Readers can hasten the Internet publication of any of the as-yet-unavailable resources listed in the Catalog through their ongoing prayer support for The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth and/or through their prayerful donation support (see Prayer and Donations Support). Those who wish to donate, or who wish to exercise their power of prayer as members of Christ’s Body on behalf of this ministry as Prayer Partners, can let us know (on the ‘Partner’ form) if there are any particular of the currently-unavailable works in the Catalog which they would most like to see finished and published to this website (or in print).  The Institute may alter its planned sequence of which works to finish first if there are sufficient requests for certain resources to be made available sooner.

Catalog of Titles

The books, essays, articles, tracts and scripts of talks are organized into the following 7 general Themes:

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