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Other Topics about the Gift of Truth Entrusted to Christ’s Church, Which, Embraced, Brings the Life-changing Love, Power, Peace and Joy of Jesus!


 Discovering Jesus and His Church:

Testimony and Reflections on a Journey with Jesus

© 2000 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

Readers can hasten the free Internet publication of any of the as-yet-unavailable resources listed in the Catalog through their ongoing prayer support for The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth and/or through their prayerful donation support (see Prayer and Donations Support).  Those who wish to donate, or who wish to exercise their power of prayer as members of Christ’s Body on behalf of this ministry as Prayer Partners, can let us know (on the ‘Partner’ form) if there are any particular of the currently-unavailable works in the Catalog which they would most like to see finished and published to this website (or in print).  The Institute may alter its planned sequence of which works to finish first if there are sufficient requests for certain resources to be made available sooner.

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