Revolutionizing Your Bible Reading

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Revolutionizing Your Bible Reading


1.  Works on Covenant Family Theology,  A Comprehensive Biblical Theology for Making the Entire Bible Text Come Alive as Our Personal Family History as Christians 

The Revolutionizing Your Bible Reading Series 

A Brief Introduction to Revolutionizing Your Bible Reading Through Covenant Family Theology

Including:  Covenant Family Theology as a Complement to (And an Orthodox Foundation For) Other Theological Approaches to Understanding the Bible

© 2009 Peter William John Baptiste SFO 

Excerpts from

Love Unbounded:  Tracing Salvation History from the Eternal Trinity to the New Covenant Church

Using Covenant Family Theology to Answer the Question How and Why Does Jesus’ Death Save Us?

© 2005, 2006 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

Excerpts from 

The Bible’s ‘Big Picture’:

Using “Family Theology” to Understand the Single Overarching Story Told Throughout the Scriptures, Which Makes the Bible Our Family History as Christians

Internet Edition 1.0

© 2007, 2009 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

Trinity of Love:  The Beating Heart Which Drives the Whole Story of the Bible and the Church

Internet Edition 1.o

©  2005, 2007, 2009 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

The Spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the First Millennium of the Undivided Early Church

An Overview of the Covenant Family Theology that Revolutionizes Bible Reading and its Implications Towards the Eventual Re-Establishment of the Undivided Early Church’s Unity in Diversity

Internet Edition 2.0

© 2007, 2009 Peter William John Baptiste, SFO

The Family Theology Commentary on the Bible

Following God’s Adopted Family Through the Scriptures

© 2005 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

Substantial Material on Revolutionizing Your Bible Reading with Covenant Family Theology is also found in:

So That The World May Believe:  A Call to Christian Unity

Teaching Christians How to Restore the Lost Unity in Diversity of the Undivided Early Church Through Lovingly Seeking to Truly Understand Each Other’s Differences While Celebrating Our Vast Common Saving Christian Faith and Learning from Our Different Strengths, “So That the World May Believe

Volume I Introduction  (For Understanding Our Great Common Faith)

Rediscovering the Early Church’s Unity in Diversity

Today’s Divided Christians Who Share the Traditional Fundamental Beliefs of Orthodox Christianity Are Already Much Closer to the Undivided First Millennium Church’s Unity in Diversity than We Usually Realize

We Already Enrich Each Other with  Our Many Different Areas of Strength in Preserving, Living and Proclaiming Christianity as Did the Undivided Early Church’s United but Different yet Mutually Enriching ‘Sister Churches’

Internet Edition 1.0

(Especially in Chapters 3 & 4)

© 2005, 2009 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

The Patriarchs, Israel, and Israel Renewed: The One People of God Whose Story is Told in Two Testaments

The Full Meaning of the Olive Tree

© 2005 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

2.  Works on Guidelines for Biblical Interpretation

A Very Brief Defense of the Inerrancy of the Bible

Internet Edition 1.0

© 2004 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

The Bible: The Book of the Undivided First Millennium Catholic Communion of Orthodox Christian Sister Churches

–  A Collection of Essays

© 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

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