Prayer To Begin Class

Holy, loving, and precious Father God,

Glorious Lord Jesus,

Blessed Holy Spirit,

One God, You who are Love,

The Undivided Holy Trinity of Love: 

We praise You and thank You for creating us to be Your beloved children filling this Earth, 

and we thank You for redeeming us through the blood of Jesus to make sure we could still be adopted into Your Family through our belief and baptism even though sin now wreaks havoc in the world; 

We thank you for bringing us to this Place of Learning where the minds you have given us are trained to study the things which You have made and the things which we human beings made in Your Image have made because, being in Your Image, we are creative like You; 

We pray that every time we enter this school and this classroom that You will fill us with Your Holy Spirit, Your Peace, Your Joy, and Your Love; 

and that You will guide our learning and help us to develop not only knowledge but true godly Wisdom. 

We pray this in the name of the Father of Love, the Son of Love, and the Holy Spiritof Love, 


© 2007 Peter William John Baptiste, SFO 

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