Spiritual Warfare Prayer: Defensive and Offensive, Engaging the Power of God Against the Gates of Hell

“When we who are servants of Christ stand in the center of the Devil’s cloud of doubt and accusation and instead of breathing this choking dust refresh ourselves in the water of God’s joy until it overflows even in holy laughter — then not a single demon can harm us in any way . . . It is normal for a servant of God to become troubled in spirit.  But when this happens, I do not allow myself to fall under Satan’s accusing power.  I stand before God, strong in prayer.  I speak encouragingly to my spirit, insisting it stay in the presence of our sovereign Father until He floods me again with the joy of my salvation.”

– Saint Francis of Assisi

Father of Love, Lord Jesus (Love Incarnate), Spirit of Love, Most Holy Trinity of Love,

we thank you for your awesome gifts of Salvation, Truth, Faith, Righteousness, Peace and the Sword of the Spirit of the Word of God, which are armour to our souls (Ephesians 6:10-17).

Please protect my whole family,

all the abilities and material things you have given us as means and instruments to manage in service of your Kingdom,

and all of the ministries you have called us to perform on the Earth as Members of Your Body the Church on Earth displaying your love [1]

from any and all interference or attack from Your Enemy and his spiritual minions and human pawns.

May Your Holy Spirit and Your Holy Angels always go before us to make a way for us, and please send as many angelic forces (or legions) as you deem necessary to clear the path before us of all obstacles and all traps laid by demonic spirits and their human pawns.

Surrounded by “the great cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1) of saints and angels who do Your Will and together with them, we pray for the spiritual freedom and vibrant salvation of all human beings who wittingly or unwittingly serve Satan and his hatred.  We pray that You strike the Darkness that opposes us from within us or without us, with or without human instruments, with Your Light and Your Love (which is unbearable to them).  Strike the forces of Darkness (including spirits of retaliation for ground they have already lost) deaf, dumb, blind and confused, bind them and cast them into Hell, we pray, that we may live Your Love in this world and so MOVE IN ON THE GATES OF HELL and PUSH BACK THEIR TERRITORY without their resistance, shining Your Light in us, since we know from Your Word that “the Gates of Hell will not stand against” the Body of Christ Jesus Himself on Earth, which is us, the Church (Matthew 16:18).

In the Name of the Father of Love, the Son of Love, and the Holy Spirit of Love, AMEN.

© 2011 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

[1] The ministries Christians are called to perform include general ministries and specific ministries.  General ministries start with, as members of the common “royal priesthood” (1 Peter 2:9) of all believers in Christ, generally displaying God’s Love within the Domestic Church, our own natural Family of Baptized Christians (which is constituted as an image of the Trinitarian Family of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit); and then displaying God’s Love within the Universal Church, loving all Christians super-naturally adopted into God’s Family “so that the world may believe” (John 17:21);  and displaying God’ Love to the whole world of human beings God created in His Image with the intention that they be supernaturally adopted into His Family the Church (which may include our own immediate natural families in cases where our families are not entirely Christian).  Specific ministries include more specific callings of God on our lives directed towards a certain area or areas, such as a prison ministry or a chaplaincy or other volunteer or professional ministries; a vocation to consecrated religious life or the ordained ministerial priesthood; or a calling to work specifically towards some particular godly value like Christian Unity or Youth Ministry or the value of Human Life (the “Pro-Life” movement).

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