Thankful Prayer

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Jesus (Matthew 5:3)

“Nothing is ours – neither reputation, position, nor possession” (St. Francis of Assisi), yet “they can hardly be called poor, who have the infinite God as their only possession” (St. Clare ofAssisi)

Eucharistic (Thankful) Prayer of the Poor in Spirit

I thank You, my Loving God, that today You have given me life and breath and the level of health and strength to live for You that I have today.  Should this life end before the day is through, I look forward to soon being more fully in Your beautiful Presence than I have ever been.  Should my health and strength fade before the day is through, I thank You so much for what You have given me for as long as You have.

I thank you, Holy God, for the material things You have provided me with from Your Hand today to meet today’s basic material needs.

I thank You, Precious God, that today You have lent to Your poor servant many things beyond my most basic needs to sustain life and health.  I thank You for the level of abundant material blessing that You have given me to use for today.  Should You require any of the things You have lent back from me before this day is through, I thank You for Your generosity in allowing me to use them for as long as You have.

I thank You, Loving God, for whatever reputation or position You have allowed me to hold on this day.

I thank You, marvellous God,  for all the people lovingly created by You that You have brought into my life today.

I thank You especially for my precious family, who I will never lose because like You, they are Eternal, even if You should call some of them into the fullness of Your Presence before me.  Thank You for every precious moment You have allowed me to have with them here on this Earth.

I thank you, gracious Lord God, that in Your sovereign Will and loving mercy you have allowed me to undergo the various sufferings, trials, tests, and uncertainties I face in my life at this time.  I thank You for Your Promise that all these things are working together for my good in Your sovereign plan for me.  I love Your Will, which I know and trust is always for my ultimate good  because of Your Great Love for me.  I thank You that these things force me to come to You when I would be tempted to live on my own, so that You can empower me with Your loving Spirit to overcome these trials in patience and even in deep, abiding joy.  I thank You for giving me the Grace and strength to bear these burdens patiently and even joyfully for love of You.

I thank You most of all, Holy, Loving, and Precious God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for the Ultimate Gift of Yourself, Your Holy Presence of Love ministered to me in so many ways today and all days.  I thank You that this one Most Precious Gift makes me always rich beyond all telling whatever other relative lack or abundance You give on any given day.  I thank You for making me poor in this world where all belongs to You: that I have nothing and can gain nothing, but that I also can lose nothing, especially my one possession of You as Father and Friend and empowering Spirit which makes me rich.  And thus I possess today, live today, in Your Kingdom.  Thank You so much, my Loving God.


 © 2002 Peter William John Baptiste, SFO

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