The Judeo-Christian Roots of Science

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God’s Integral Place in Science: Unmasking the Enlightenment Myth of the Opposition of Science & Faith (And Revealing the Strong Judeo-Christian Roots of Science)


Why Believing in Science Leads Logically to Believing in God, as Einstein and All the Greatest Scientists Did: Debunking the 200-year-old Enlightenment Era Myth that Science Opposes Faith

© 2007 Peter William John Baptiste SFO  

Keeping Science and Philosophy in Their Proper Spheres:  The Unnecessary Conflict Between Evolutionary Theory and Creationism/Intelligent Design Which Comes from Both Sides Mixing Philosophy with Science

 The Philosophical and Ontological First Principles from Which Science Operates Assume Intelligent Design but Are Not Science; Intelligent Design Is Part of the Philosophical Foundation of Scientific Method

© 2007 Peter William John Baptiste SFO 

On The Enlightenment Myth That Faith Opposes Science and Reason:

How Science Ignores the Enlightenment’s Perceptual Skepticism and Proceeds From a Judeo-Christian Ontology and Epistemology

© 2007 Peter William John Baptiste SFO   

Author’s Note:  These works will take a long time to finish researching and writing properly, because of how entrenched in modern thinking is the myth of the opposition of faith and science; I will have to be thorough to convince the secularized person who has bought into this myth that his secularized culture seems to affirm.

However, for the moment I can encourage the religious believer, especially the Christian, that not only are about 95% of the world’s population throughout history religious believers, which statistically indicates they have contact with something real which the tiny minority of atheists lack, but in fact the great majority of the greatest thinkers and scientists from ancient to modern times were also religious believers, especially in the Judeo-Christian tradition, because science depends on the basic world-view taught by the Bible.  The Greek philosophers of the Socratic School, who are recognized as the first scientists, who laid the philosophical foundation for doing science at all, got their starting point from their exposure to the much older Jewish Bible, the Christian Old Testament, which had much earlier testified to the  Greeks’ foundational insight that the universe is an ordered cosmos (which can be studied to find patterns of order, the sign of an ordering intelligence) and is NOT a random chaos.  The modern scientific method was gradually built upon this solid and Biblical foundation mostly by Christians in Christian Europe.  

Basically all the greatest thinkers and scientists from Aristotle to Einstein (from ancient to modern times) believed in at least the basic Judeo-Christian concept of God and the Universe He ordered which makes it possible to study it with the scientific method at all.  The world’s greatest thinkers and scientists always saw the great distinction between the superstitious type of religion and the genuine type of religion which science depends upon.  Thus the first, Greek scientists rejected the traditional Greek Pantheon of gods as “silly superstition,” yet they worshiped the Absolute Being upon whom all other existence is dependent, who ordered the universe and who is also the source of humanity’s sense of justice and morality.  Thus Einstein noted that “there is no conflict between science and genuine religion,” because in fact “science without [genuine] religion is lame” – science cannot even get on its feet without assuming an intelligent orderer God who designed the supremely intricate and elegant order science discovers.  Einstein also noted that “religion without science is blind,” that is, the superstitious type of religion.  Einstein knew the difference between the two, but far less acute and accomplished intellects of the Enlightenment era tried to lump genuine religion together with the superstitious type of religion which the Enlightenment era legitimately discredited.  So today lesser “enlightened” minds which do not shine near as bright as Aristotle or Einstein parrot the Enlightenment’s disdain for ALL religious beliefs, superstitious or otherwise, apparently too dull (or perhaps too interested in escaping moral responsibility) to see the distinction greater minds always saw between superstition and what Einstein called “genuine religion,”  without which “science is lame.”  It is significant that Einstein noted, “the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible” – that is, the very fact that we can comprehend the universe in great degree through scientific thinking points to the ultimately incomprehensible Intellect beyond the universe who ordered it so that it would be susceptible to scientific investigation at all (hence Einstein said that in doing science he “wanted to know God’s thoughts,” a statement which is simply in continuity with the dozens of very great and very accomplished scientists before and after the Enlightenment who were explicitly aware that in doing science they were studying God’s Creation).

Despite the deficiencies in ancient Greek science which simply came from their starting the field, the Greeks were brilliant and noted the connection between the Orderer God and Justice/morality which properly orders human relationships.  The comparative moral bankruptcy of the greatest so-called “enlightened” atheist thinkers is evident in the fruits of their thinking which divorced any concept of God from human morality and “the greater good.”  By far the most bloody of all centuries was the 20th Century, largely due to the policies of the Communist and Nazi regimes implementing what they believed was “the greater good” for humanity, largely inspired by atheist philosophers like Marx (who said religion was “the opiate of the masses” and dispensed with all religion in his ideal, Communist, state) and Nietzsche (who proclaimed “God is dead” and who inspired Hitler with his idea of the “superman” and his blatant anti-semitism).  No governments have ever been anywhere near so bloody, nor on such a scale, as these governments which actively implemented atheist philosophies (the two largest genocides in history were Hitler’s Nazi extermination of 6 Million Jews, and Stalin’s Communist starvation of 7 Million Ukrainians). 

So religious believers need never feel intimidated by loud-mouthed and arrogant atheists who belittle the intellects of people with religious faith: All the atheists have is bluster and hot air, and they generally do not even understand the philosophy (ontology or metaphysics) which the scientific method depends on, one which is consistent with the Bible and not with atheism.  Atheist scientists are just ‘technicians’ using a method built upon a philosophical foundation which they do not even understand, although they live their lives by its powerful principles every day.  The religious believer, especially the Christian, can be confident that in his philosophical position for the existence of an Intelligent Creator God who ordered the Universe, he is standing not only with the majority of human beings, but with the great majority of the world’s greatest and most accomplished thinkers and scientists throughout history to modern times (Indeed, the modern University System itself grew out of the medieval Cathedral Schools, which were orginally founded for intense and scholarly study of the Bible, but then branched out into the other fields of knowledge).  So let the atheists stand in their little corner with their much smaller accomplishments and still bluster loudly and arrogantly against religion as they have for 200 years since the Enlightenment.  Their arrogance is their trick, their weapon, and its intimidation is wearing off as more and more thinkers are realizing atheists have no solid grounds for their bluster and they never did.  The whole enterprise of science was built upon First Principles which assume the universe is an ordered cosmos (with an intelligent orderer) and not a random chaos

Thus I look upon the recent strong attacks of the “New Atheists,” who in best-selling books ridiculously claim that teaching children about God is child-abuse and that religious believers should be barred from holding government office for the safety of society, as desperate last-ditch attempts (like Hitler’s doomed “Battle of the Bulge”) to hold onto the power and influence they have as long as the average person in our society believes their bluff and believes the myth that religion is opposed to science (and a last-ditch attempt to justify their unusual tiny minority choice to not believe in any God, perhaps so they do not have to be responsible for their behavior).  Their arrogant bluster has no grounds in hard science, which operates from theistic First Principles and assumptions, and they have conveniently forgotten that atheistic philosophies inspired the most horrific regimes with the largest-scale killings humanity has ever known (so the safety of society cannot possibly rest in atheists not allowing religious believers to hold government office!  Indeed, in history it was Christians who did the most to advance the safety and equity of society: found hospitals, end slavery, and the like).  

Unfortunately, despite the lack of any reasonable grounds for their claims, the “New Atheists”  have 200 years of habitual secularized thinking on their side, which means that Christians (and other people of faith) must educate themselves and stand up to their belittling bluster armed with powerful facts and reason, to minimize the damage atheists can still do to our society which is still steeped in Enlightenment-era thinking.  This is part of our being preserving “salt and light” to the world as Jesus called us to be, for the greater good of society, and thus this Theme exists on this website to educate Christians for their role in bringing finally to an end the myth of the opposition of faith and science, which has even been used as a (groundless) excuse to (undemocratically!) minimize Christian and moral influence for the greater good even in countries with a majority of professed Christians. 

The above-listed works will take some time to finish, but this Theme is dealt with in the following sections of works which are already published on this website: 

The Bible’s ‘Big Picture,’ in the section The Great Importance of the Bible to the World as Well as the Church and its lengthy footnote 3

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On ‘Being Religious’– Explaining The Beauty and Reasonableness of Christian Faith to Non-ChristiansChapter 3:  About the Religious and Philosophical Alternatives to Christianity 

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There is a lengthy digression related to this theme (with some footnotes) in the middle of   Volume I, Chapter 4 of So That The World May Believe: A Call to Christian Unity 

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