Transforming Culture

Catalog Theme 6:

Transforming Culture for Jesus


Recognizing and Celebrating the Solid Christian Foundation of Advanced Western Civilization

© 2009 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

Made in the Image of Love:  The Divine Perspective on Love, Sex, and Procreation

The Divine Holy Trinity of Passionate Love is the Source of Humanity’s Triune Drives for Love, Sex, and Procreation

© 2009 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

Baptize All Nations

The Undivided Early Church’s Culturally-based ‘Sister Churches’ Literally Baptized Their National Cultures in the Gospel of Jesus, Washing Away What Was Incompatible (and Often Violent), Emphasizing What Was Good and Making What Was Neutral Part of Their Distinctive Christian Cultural Celebrations.  Transforming Cultures with the Love of Jesus Is What Christianity Does, as God Intended When He Scattered the Nations at Babel to Ensure Different Cultures Would Form, and it Is Possible to Re-baptize Our ‘Post-Christian’ Culture of Today for the Benefit of All

© 2009 Peter William John Baptiste SFO 

Greater Is He Who Is In Us Than He Who Is In The World

The Tide of Secularism and Atheism in the ‘Post-Christian’ West is No Cause for Christians to be Discouraged or Give Up on Our Culture — We Just Need to Keep Our Eyes Fixed on Jesus and Take Intelligent, Prayerful, and Unified Aim and Even “the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against” the Love of God We Can Pour into Our Society

© 2009 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

True Religious Freedom Versus Religious “Tolerance”:

A Reflection on the History of Religious Freedom Through the Ages (Or its Lack) and Vatican II’s Dignitatis Humanae (Of Human Dignity), The Declaration on Religious Liberty

© 2004 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

Making a Culture of True Religious Freedom:

Humanity Needs the Originally Christian Concept of True Religious Freedom to Seek, Find, and Respond to the Truth That Gives Humanity its Fulfillment, Not the Enlightenment’s Religious “Tolerance” in Which the “Atheistic Religion” of Secular Humanism Unoffficially Dominates and Merely “Tolerates” Religious Values which it Pushes to the Sidelines to the Detriment of Human Society

© 2009 Peter William John Baptiste SFO

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