Forum for Discussing Christian Unity in Diversity and Other Topics About “The Gift of Truth”

Page Under Construction.

The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth‘s World-Wide Forum for Today’s Divided Christians Rebuilding the Undivided Early Church’s Unity in Diversity will be located here.

This page will eventually be a FORUM for Christians worldwide actually dialoguing together lovingly about what already unites them and what for the moment separates them, so they can together gradually clear up misunderstandings and eventually come to mutually agreed-on resolutions to current disputes so as to actively build unity on this website “so that the world may believe” in Jesus Christ our Head when it sees our love for each other as His Body on Earth the Church lovingly working through our difficult differences and celebrating our many mutally enriching differences, those differences which make our whole Christian family so much more exciting and wonderful than any one of our ‘Sister Churches’ alone.

In the meantime, to read a great wealth of material to get the dialogue started,

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