On the Power of Prayer / Suggested Prayers for Prayer Partners

Several specific Prayer Suggestions are given at the bottom of this page

Introduction To the Power of the Prayers of the Body of Christ the Church

What Does Your “Belief and Baptism” (Mark 16:16) Give YOU the Power to DO?

A Suggestion of How to “Do Something Beautiful for God”: Supporting this Ministry and Institute Through Prayer

A main purpose of this Ministry and Institute listed in the Mission Statement is to educate Christians about their supreme dignity as God’s adopted children and as part of the Body of Christ Himself, which gives their prayers real power to affect the world (James 5:16 “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” [KJV], “the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” [NIV]).  This Ministry provides not only education about this great power which Christians have through their “belief and baptism” (Mark 16:16) but also opportunity to practice their use of this power of prayer.

This Ministry more than anything else needs the prayers of members of the Body of Christ, since God has chosen to operate through the prayers of His People, the Body of His Son.  I hope readers will consider committing to regularly pray for the success and growth of this ministry of Christian education, spiritual growth in love for the Holy Trinity of Love, and unity of the Body in Christ our Head “so that the world may believe.”

I believe what has been presented in this Christian education ministry  concerning “the Gift of Truth” is very exciting and will bring about many exciting opportunities for Christians to get a lot more out of reading their Bibles; for Christians to better know and fall deeper in love with God the Holy Trinity of Love; for currently divided Christians to act more lovingly towards each other as one Body of Christ “so that the world may believe” as Jesus prayed; and for Christians to more effectively engage the secularized culture (especially concerning science and faith) and transform it with the Love and Truth of Jesus Christ our Lord and God.  If you are inclined to agree, please put the power God has given you as a member of the Body of Christ the Church to work with your active prayer support of this Ministry and educational Institute.  This Ministry and Institute are meant to function not independently of the Body but as functions of the Body of Christ  which works and prays together, many members of Jesus’ Body like YOU, towards the building up of Jesus’ Kingdom.

Building “Prayer Warriors”

It is the intention of this Ministry to build a broad prayer support base – a necessary foundation of the prayers of God’s People, which are powerful, for the success and growth of this Ministry and Institute and the achievement of their goals towards building God’s Kingdom on Earth “as it is in Heaven.”  It is my hope that the Prayer Partners, who will become used to uniting in prayer across the world for the success of this particular Ministry, will be open to also putting their support in prayer as united members of the Body of Christ towards other worthwhile goals of the occasional prayer request posted on this Site.  It is my hope that as Christians build such habits of prayer that God’s “Kingdom come” and His “Will be done on Earth,” that they will also come to use their prayer power to regularly and actively pray for other worthwhile Christian ministries than this one (including Christian leadership generally), supporting the serving of other needs of the Church and the world as well.  Time spent with God with prayer will yield rich spiritual benefits for those doing the praying, as well as being true and important spiritual work in support of the Christian ministries prayed for.

Prayers for This Ministry and Institute (and others) Can Be Exceedingly Simple, or Spontaneous, or Formal – All Are Effective Because of Who We Are in  Christ

Our prayers as Christians have great power to affect the world positively simply because of the great dignity we have as adopted sons and daughters of God the Father through the work of Jesus Christ, God the Son Incarnate, whose Bride and very Body we have become through the indwelling of God the Holy Spirit, the “Spirit of adoption” by whom we, as Jesus the Only-Begotten Son, can call God “Abba (‘Daddy’) – Father” (see Romans 8:15, Galatians 4:6, Mark 14:36).  Therefore effective prayers for this ministry (and others) can be very short and simple, such as

“Lord, I pray for the success of the Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth and for the accomplishment of its goals towards building Your Family the Church and building Your Kingdom in the World.”

Effective prayers can also be very spontaneous, from the heart, whether they are long or short.  Attentively reading or reciting formal, written prayers (like the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father) is also very effective, and it can give specific direction to a prayer intention.  I suggest the following Prayer Titles as “jumping points” or a direction in prayer for spontaneous prayers offered in support of this Ministry and Institute and their goals – prayers which can be as simple as

“Lord, I pray for this [insert topic of the below “prayer titles”].”

I will likely suggest a longer, formal text for these Prayer Titles at a later time, for those who prefer attentive reading of written prayers, or who would like more direction for their prayers in support of this ministry.

Prayer Titles

  • Prayer for Loving Christian Unity in Diversity “So That The World May Believe”
  • Prayer for Deeper Understanding of and Love for God the Holy Trinity of Love in all Christians, So God May More Fully Pour Out His Love in the World Through Us “So That The World May Believe”
  • Prayer of All Christians for the Full Implementation of the Reforms of Vatican Council II within the Catholic Communion of Orthodox Christian Sister Churches collectively known as the Catholic Church, for the Benefit of the Whole Church
  • Prayer for the Increase of the Solid Education of Christians in Their Faith to Make Them Better “Salt and Light” in the World, Better Witnesses of God’s Love in the World Through a Properly Integrated Faith and Reason

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